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author of historical romance

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A managing beauty. A determined bachelor. A delightful romp!

When their elderly guardian dies, Faith Whitford is determined to set up house in Bath and look for respectable country gentlemen for her four sisters. She has no ambitions for mingling with the ton. What she did not expect was a new guardian, in the form of a London Beau to be appointed over them, nor that he would take any interest in their care.

Lord Westwood is London’s most determined bachelor, and frequently finds himself bored with Society. When his beautiful new wards track him down at his hunting box, he decides to bring them out for amusement, anticipating the havoc their beauty will wreak upon the Beau Monde.

Instead of watching as a bystander, he finds he finds his own existence being turned upside down as he is lured into one thing after another by his charming wards…including the ultimate trap!

Leap of Faith_The Virtues Book 1_Elizabeth Johns FINAL Ebook cover.jpeg

Available Now!

How can a reclusive earl convince the woman that he loves to give him chance?

Orphaned as a child and raised by her uncle, Rose Sutton has spent the last five years helping him with her cousins and the parish while eagerly awaiting her sweetheart’s return from the army. However, when it becomes clear her beau is not coming back, and her uncle decides to marry the meddlesome village busybody, Rose is desperate to leave.

Gabriel Lloyd, Earl Mottram, is more suited to shadows and secrecy than glittering ball rooms, but he steels himself to return to England to fulfill his duties—which include finding a wife. The need to provide an heir is increasingly pressing since his cousin is a rake and a blackguard. On his first day in Nottinghamshire, Gabriel sees Rose Sutton and knows she is the one for him.

Unfortunately, she does not care for him. How can he convince her he is not the cold, arrogant man she believes him to be?


Available October 10!

A Double Masquerade


Arthur, Lord Claremont finds himself unexpectedly in need of an heir, but loathes the idea of putting himself publicly on the Marriage Mart. When a masquerade provides the opportunity to survey the crop of eligible ladies whilst in disguise, he cannot resist.

Phoebe Cartwright was forced to live with her aunt during her mourning for her father. Unfortunately, it was during the Season when her cousin was to make her debut. Fearing competition, her aunt tries to keep her hidden away. However, when her cousin becomes ill, Phoebe finds herself pretending to be her cousin at a masquerade. Arthur finds his ideal bride at the masquerade, but appearances can be deceiving.

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