Poor Relations

As a ‘poor relation,’ Emma Standrich has already pre-empted her dismal Season by applying for a governess post. Her aunt and cousin are kind enough to sponsor her, but in truth, Emma is just waiting for it to all be over. Emma’s grief over the death of her brother while in military service casts a pallor on everything else in her life. When Colonel Shelton, the man who was her brother’s superior, asks her to dance at her first ball, Emma is more surprised than anyone. But she has questions for him, and soon she’s caught up in an intrigue she wasn’t expecting—both of the heart and the mind.

To Break a Betrothal

Recently orphaned heiress Kate Worthington must travel to England from her home in India to break an outdated betrothal contract. Surely the lure of money will tempt Lord Darlington to release her! A gentleman befriends her whilst she is aboard the luxurious Orient Express, and the attraction she feels firms her resolve to break the betrothal. What she does not count on is Lord Darlington’s hidden depths. She has so much to lose, least of which is her heart.

First Impressions

The widower Earl of Rutherford, still in need of an heir, reluctantly sets off for London in search of a wife. He infinitely prefers the role of recluse to that of dashing beau.
The Season’s Incomparable, Helena Foster, prefers books to balls. She agrees to hide her bookish tendencies in exchange for her mother agreeing to limit her to one Season.
Their initial prejudices prevent their feeling they would suit, but an unlikely source may give them another chance…

My Unfair Lady

A lost bet. An underestimated country bumpkin. Who will win in this war of wits? Why, love, of course! Rua Postlethwaite has lived a sheltered, content life in the country until she is orphaned and forced to find work or make a hasty marriage. Her neighbors come together to try to help her have a successful Season after she receives an unexpected offer to go to London. Lord Deverell is the quintessential bored aristocrat with too much time, money, and handsomeness. When he loses a wager over a game of billiards, he finds himself doing more than dancing attendance on a nobody from Yorkshire.

The Headmistress

Hannah Bell has spent over ten years of her life running a finishing school for girls where she has prepared several Seasons’ worth of successful ladies for their debuts in the ton. While a worthy cause, at times it could be a very lonely one, especially as she is now facing the festive season by herself. Oliver, Lord Wolford, subjected to an arranged marriage when he was a young man, is now a widower and quite content to remain so. He detests the social whirl of London, preferring the country and his animals. However, his sister Jane, Lady Dunsmore, invites him to her home for Christmas, to lure him away from his comfortable, single state. When Oliver is surprised by his sister’s matchmaking efforts, will he resist or allow the magic of Christmas to soften his heart? When Hannah’s closest friend Jane invites her to Dunsmore Castle for Christmas, will Hannah accept the invitation, or will she continue to let life pass her by?

O Night Divine

From the gaily bedecked halls of Regency England to the cold and crisp air of the Scottish Highlands, and everything in between, enjoy the magic of a holiday collection that has drawn inspiration from Charles Dickens’ most beloved literary works. Where the ghosts of Christmas, the incandescent spirit of a tiny disabled boy, and the joy that is the very heart of the Christmas season come alive.

Upon a Midnight Dreary - Haunted Knight

There have always been ghosts at Greystone Priory, but now one particularly troublesome one is scaring people away from the estate. Sir Martin is called home from London to see to the matter and finds a great deal more than he bargained for—a wife!