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A Leap of Faith

When their elderly guardian dies, Faith Whitford is determined to set up house in Bath and look for respectable country gentlemen for her four sisters. She has no ambitions for mingling with the ton. What she did not expect was a new guardian, in the form of a London Beau to be appointed over them, nor that he would take any interest in their care.

Lord Westwood is London’s most determined bachelor, and frequently finds himself bored with Society. When his beautiful new wards track him down at his hunting box, he decides to bring them out for amusement,
anticipating the havoc their beauty will wreak upon the Beau Monde.

Instead of watching as a bystander, he finds he finds his own existence being turned upside down as he is lured into one thing after another by his charming wards…including the ultimate trap!

Finding Hope

Forbidden love. Duty. Danger. Will love be enough to conquer all?

Max, Lord Rotham, has been browbeaten by his mother, the Duchess of Davenmere, to marry her choice for him. The more he resists, the more she schemes to force the match upon him. He became connected with th
e beauty Hope Whitford when her and her sisters were entangled in a dangerous situation, and while he feels drawn to her, he is not ready to commit to a lifetime because of his mother. But is losing Hope worth spiting his mother?

Hope Whitford, the second of five sisters, has always dreamed of a grand London Season and match, despite their modest claims to the upper class. Their new guardian places them centre stage in the middle of the ton and in close proximity to its most eligible bachelors. When they are invited to a house party at a ducal estate, it looks as though her dreams may come true…except someone means to make certain that never happens…no matter what.

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